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Nassau Bay Marina
Community Owned and Operated By Nassau Bay Homes Association, Inc.

The best kept secret on Clear Lake, Nassau Bay Marina. Located on Cow Bayou midway between Clear Creek and NASA Road 1, or for land yachts 18250 Nassau Bay Drive.

Covered slips with slings are available, berthing for sailboats and a ramp for launching trailer boats. Dry storage is available for your trailer or for boats kept on trailers. A clean restroom with shower is available and one of the cleanest pools, (Home of the Nauticats) on site for the kids.

Mike H. our harbormaster is available for any questions you may have.  Please send an email to 

Views From the Marina


What's Happening!

Hurricane Harvey Aftermath.....

After assessing the damage at the Marina we have several issues that will need to be addressed.  We were able to get our pumps working again last night (8/31/17) and in 12 hours have managed to pump out over 2 ft of the standing water. We believe that the Marina will be drive-able again sometime this afternoon (9/1/17). We have a team of electricians there now getting electricity working again to all of our lifts, which we hope to have running again by the end of the day (9/1/17). In order for us to fully assess the situation and begin clean-up of any kind, we must ask that when you are capable, please, if at all possible, remove your vessel from the Marina grounds. If your vessel is still in a lift, please do not get into the vessel unless it is floating on the water. Also, if you have removed your vessel ahead of the storm, please do not return it until further notice. The repair and clean-up process will be lengthy.

 Thank You.



Marina Lease Rates

As of May 21 2015, the current Marina rates are:

Monthly Rate with Yearly Lease


NBHA Member

Non-NBHA Member

Dry Slip



Premium Dry Slip



Berth & Dock






Covered Wet Slip w/ sling




* Larger boats may be charged rates other than the rates above.

*Premium dry slips are dry slips 1-7 and the elevated slips by the boat ramp.

* Discount of $10.00 per slip, if a lease is signed for a Wet Slip & Dry Slip. If the lease is cancelled or not renewed, rate will go back to original rate quoted above. Tenants, who cancel their leases early, will forfeit their deposit.

* Water, electric, bathrooms, ramp, fish cleaning table provided.

* A properly executed current lease is required with current proof of insurance ($100,000 Minimum) and registration on file at all times for all lessors.

* A $25.00 surcharge will be added to all tenants extending their lease month-to-month.  When the Marina reaches 100% capacity, preference will be given to those persons signing one-year leases. Existing tenants that have not executed the one-year lease will be given the opportunity to do so before their space is leased to others.  If a lessor is found to not have a current lease the office will reach out to obtain a new one.  The lessor will have thirty (30) days in which to become current on file.  If after the thirty (30) days a new lease has not been signed, the lessor will be asked to vacate the slip.  A lease can be obtained from our Office Manager at (281) 333-2570.

* Custom built cradles are available upon request.  Please contact the office @ (281) 333-2570.

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Updated: May 21, 2015