Current Minutes




NBHA Board Meeting Minutes from April 14, 2015

For approval May 12, 2015



In attendance:  Joe Murdock, Jerry Roth, Mike Stimpson, Brad Hunter, Victor Kirklighter, Cory Baldwin, Barbara Gorden.

The meeting started at 6:10 p.m.



The board welcomed Michie Colwell, Bob Mitchell, and Tom Bellar. Continued the discussion about the current yard light situation.  Michie inquired about the new maps that the board was to provide.  The board is working as fast as possible to create these.  Bob mentioned that they would not try to do an entire section at one time.  The board agreed.  Bob also asked if they should take pictures.  Joe responded by saying we trust your judgement.  We want to concentrate on the lights that are completely out at this point.  We would address the dim lights later.  Michie asked what the boards process will be after it is determined that a yard light is out.  The board decided that upon receiving the list the office will mail the property owner an initial letter stating that the light must be fixed within two (2) weeks.  If nothing is done by homeowner within that time frame, then a second letter will be sent stating that the board reserves the right to fix the light and then charge the property owner for reimbursement.  A lien may be placed on the home if reimbursement is not paid.

Michie inquired about the upcoming election.  He asked if there were any applications received to oppose the trustees that were running for another term.  Not at this time.  Joe mentioned that signs were about to go up and that there would be a notice in the Nassau Bay newsletter.


The prior minutes were presented to the Board. Brad made a motion to approve them.  Mike seconded the motion.  The minutes were unanimously approved.



Joe asked about the latest situation with the election signs.  Victor stated that SignQuick had again switched the price at the last minute, but it was still the best deal he could find.  Jerry motioned to approve the amount to get the signs ordered.  Cory seconded the motion.  The vote was unanimous.  Joe also asked Victor to send the current board members that were running again new application to fill out.



Financial Report:


Jerry informed the board that the bank statement looks good and the board is staying on budget.   The audit should be getting started next week.  We are really close on all budgets, and over on income.  All-in-All financials look really good.



Swimming Pool Report:

Victor talked with Gulf Coast Aquatics to prepare for the upcoming pool season.  It was brought up to reach out to the Nauticats to discuss the upcoming season as well.  Cory asked if we should keep a copy of their insurance on hand.  Will look into having Dan Weber attend the next Board meeting.


Marina Report:

Cory stated that all the new wiring at the marina is finished.  All of the old wiring is gone.  Still in the process of adding new main boxes, and a new platform.  He states that we are about half way done at this stage.  If we are done by mid to late May he would be happy.  Overall he is very pleased with the work to this point.  Cory also stated that we should discuss roofing repair/replacement estimates.  Joe asked if this is something that we should start immediately following the electrical completion.  Cory stated that it we a good idea.  Cory stated that the roof could be patched which will hold up for a couple of years, or we could look at replacing it in its entirety.  Joe asked if it could all be done for under $5,000.  Cory stated he believed it could, and that he would also get another estimate.  Mike moved to approve a $6,000 budget for roof repair so no special session was needed.  Brad seconded the motion.  The vote was unanimous.




Joe asked Jerry if we needed to adjust the budget for the capital improvements.  Jerry stated that it was not necessary.  We were right on track.



Victor informed the board that all accounts are paid up to date.



Next meeting date:  The board scheduled the next meeting for May 12, 2015 at 6:00 pm.

The office staff was dismissed from meeting so board could speak privately at 7:36 pm.

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