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"Nassau Bay, Texas ... a great place to live ... a great community"
Welcome to the Nassau Bay Homes Association! 
1322 Space Park Dr. Suite C119
Nassau Bay, TX 77058
We are excited to let you know that the NBHA Office will
now be located at 1322 Space Park Dr. STE C119
Nassau Bay, TX 77058.
Office Hours: M - 8:30 am - 7:00 pm; T-F - 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

The Association. NBHA was started in September 1965 to plan, improve and market Nassau Bay. Our Association is responsible for 895 residences and 17 commercial sites. We as members of this association agree to abide by the deed restrictions and to pay our allotted share of the maintenance fees. These fees are used to support the administration, entities (block wall and entrance markers) and facilities (Marina and Swimming Pool on Nassau Bay Drive and the finger piers on Upper Bay Drive).

The administration is under the direction of five directors, each elected for 2 year staggered terms. Following are the names of the administration members.

Mike Stimpson  President
Phil Collins Vice President
Brad Hunter Treasurer
Rebecca Kadel Swimming Pool Rep.
Cory Baldwin

Marina Rep.

Victor Kirklighter

Office Manager

Autumn Rendall            Office Assistant


Board Meetings. The Board meets every third or fourth Thursday each month at 6:00pm at the Cafe Conference room to review monthly progress and the status of association business. During November and December the meetings are typically held on the 3rd Thursday of the month. Visitors are always welcome and heard first on the agenda. The meetings under the current administration are typically relaxed and although structured, are not overly formal. 

Our next meeting will be held:

         Thursday July 18, 2019

at 6:00 pm

 This meeting will be located at the The Cafe Conference room in the office building.


Deed Restrictions . The homes covered by the Nassau Bay Homes Association were built in several sections. The deed restrictions which ensure the continued value of the homes governed by the Association can be found on the Restrictions page. If you do not know the Section in which your home is located, see the Harris County Appraisal District web site. 



The Nassau Bay Homes Association Board Election will still be held on Saturday, July 20, 2019 from 7am - 7pm. Early voting will be 15-18th, Monday 9am-7pm, Tuesday through Thursday 9am-4pm.

 An election notice and two proxy forms were mailed to every address under the Nassau Bay Homes Association. For clarification, if the letter you received had your spouse’s name on the envelope, or the previous owner of the home this does not affect your eligibility to vote- it is just the mailing list name on file.

 The letter also has mention of an “annual meeting” which can be disregarded.  The option on the proxy sheet for “Quorum” can also be disregarded, since the vote is not at an annual meeting.

 In no case will any member of the Board of Trustees cast a vote in a homeowners name, unless the homeowner so designates.

 For the “Designated Representative” option, you are allowing for someone you choose to vote on your behalf. Write this substitute’s name on the line at the top, check the “Designated Representative” box, and fill out your required information.

 We hope this information helps clarify the election details, and we’re looking forward to seeing you all cast your votes!

NBHA Board of Trustees


By-Laws. The by-laws for the Nassau Bay Homes Association contain the rules that govern its operation. The full text is on the By-laws page.


Marina . Our marina has 38 wet slips and 51 dry slips. We are currently revitalizing the facility and are bringing it back to first class status. Visit the Marina page for a full description of the marina, hours of operation and costs for berthing your boat.

Swimming Pool .  Our swimming pool is open on weekends starting on the 12th of May and 7 days a week June thru August.  You will need to show the lifeguard your pool pass upon entering. Pool passes are available at the NBHA office at the above address. There is no charge for NBHA member families. Visit the pool page for hours of operation and info on adult swim.

Links. Below are two sites of value to the members to the Nassau Bay Homes Association. Close the pages to return to this site.

  • City of Nassau Bay. This site has lots of information about the city and the services it offers. contained are numerous links to local information sources.
  • Harris County Appraisal District. You can find information about the appraised value of your home and those in your neighborhood.

Announcing . Read the minutes from the last meeting of the Homes Association. Also, access other information related to your association.

2019 Board of Trustees - Candidate Bios 



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